Puisi Brigitallla……………

The sun is on my side because you’re waving to me, suntanned and all
Have been anticipating this
Diving like a mermaid into the season of promises

Summer is here so let’s go to the sea
Though there may be days where we stop in our tracks and feel lost just for a second

The summer holidays are beginning!

Because true emotions are reflected upon the back of my running figure
It shimmers on the other side of my T-shirt just like magic

Your words which are being drown out by the sounds of the fireworks, dissolve into the night breeze
Can’t hear the important details but I seem to know what it is

Ah long long long time I have been longing for this
Youth is something which is a teeny bit mean isn’t it

Sitting on the sandy shores
Both of us taking notice of the time
Hearing the sound of the waves and being unable to make any promise at all

Definitely will feel nostalgic someday
Can’t depend on the future written in the sand

Disheartening days
Revitalizing days
Meeting you and laughing together
“It’s a bright red-blue”

Because summer is here we came to the sea
Don’t wish to forget that sky where the rainbow has formed

The summer holidays are beginning!

knapa di Indonesia tidak ada 4musim sajahh ???



~ oleh grace_XI IA2 pada Agustus 24, 2008.

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